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Web Design 1011:  Interoperability, Accessibility, Compliance, & Branding.    

High Impact Web Design

RealmEleven implements a world class combination of SSI, CSS, and HTML features; alongside the forceful focussed communication of both brand and content inherent in the use of frameless fixed panels colour separated from scrolling central content; as well as unprecedented accessibility, multiple browser compatibility, robust eCommerce reliability, and standards compliance.

At RealmEleven, we don't just design a web site, we engineer the web site, allowing it to deliver what graphic design cannot; impact. If your visitors are wowed by a flashy moving logo, how can you expect them to concentrate on your message? The experience of large corporations has shown that simplicity of design is the key to making the message stick, and that your visitors are more swayed by a persuasive message than by a beautiful graphic design.

Of course, "professional" layouts lend themselves to persuasiveness, but only because they clarify to some extent the divide between navigation, branding and layout. RealmEleven web design takes this principle of separating the message from the content as far as it can be taken and the effect is greater ease of navigation, superior brand recognition, and excellent retention of content viewed.

Go ahead. Contact us for a consultation. Letting us help you make your site leave its mark upon the minds of your visitors with our high impact web design could be the best thing you ever do for your web presence.